Whole Range Ltd – FAQs

Q: I want to buy products but I am a member of the public. Can I?

A: The website is for trade customers only but our delivery info section will highlight the areas that we stock goods in. If you would like to know information on where you can get any of the products sold on the site please feel free to email us at info@wholerange.co.uk and we would be happy to direct you on where you can find them.


Q: What is the minimum order amount?

A: Within the areas we deliver all orders are transported free of charge with no minimum spend. These areas are outlined in the delivery info section.


Q: How quickly will my goods be delivered?

A: This is area dependant. We look to get all our orders delivered within 5 working days; the size of the order will also equate to how fast we can get the goods to you. A couple of items will be delivered on a delivery route that passes through your area every week free of charge, but if a sizable quantity is ordered then it can warrant us getting it to you even faster, still free of charge.


Q: My goods have been damaged upon arrival?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible on 0196323093 or email info@wholerange.co.uk with the invoice number and product code of the item damaged.


Q: I have received goods that I have not ordered?

A: Please contact us on 0196323093 or email info@wholerange.co.uk stating the invoice number and the product incorrectly delivered.


Q: I have not received everything I have ordered, what should I do?

A: In any event that items have not been delivered contact us on 0196323093 or email info@wholerange.co.uk and we will look to resolve the issue with delivery of items missed ASAP. Bear in mind sometimes items have sold out and there will be a delay until stock has been replenished.


Q:What is your returns policy on goods not sold?

A: Whole Range does not offer sale or return.


Any questions not found here that you would like answered please email us from the contact us page and one of the team will get back to you.

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